We're trying something new for connecting with #gmttc24. What do you think about using mystery pictures to find the four numbers to create 24 with? Books could be created with Book Creator or Google Slides or Keynote or Power Point and shared back out on Twitter.

Interested in participating in our #gmttc24 challenge.
Here's some of our numbers from the challenges.
Bookmark this page and come back to check it out each week.
We'll post a new number challenge each week.
The object of the challenge is to make the number 24 from the four numbers on the Twitter Post. You can add, subtract, multiply, and divide. You must use all four numbers on the Twitter Post, however, you can ONLY use each number ONCE. 

Post your solutions to Twitter and be sure to include the 
hashtag #gmttc24.

If you post a solution and would like the participation badge to add to your blog or website, you can download a copy of the badge by using this bit.ly link:

How will you solve to make 24?
If you have questions, please contact 
Beverly or Heidi
@globalmathtask (on Twitter)