Thursday, June 15, 2017

What IS #gmttc and How do I Particiate?

It's a NEW year for making Connections!

Welcome to 2018-2019 Global Math Task Twitter Challenge! 
We're excited to start a new adventure dedicated to connecting 
classrooms and students to share the learning!

Break down the walls of your classroom and
connect your students to share the learning!

Spreadsheet Sign Up HERE

Dear Gmttc (past and present),

Happy summer! Thanks to all of you Global Math Task is beginning its 4th year of connecting over 3,000 classes around the global to share the learning with math tasks!

We have some exciting updates for the Global Math Task Twitter Challenge this year that we wanted to share with you.

We are no longer requiring classes to sign up to tweet task. We want you to tweet tasks when it it feasible for you.

We have set up a spreadsheet for you to sign up by grade level (1st-8th grade) to build connections and collaborate with others across the globe.

When Heidi and I (Beverly) first started on this journey, we collaborated on skills our students were studying and struggling with at the time. Our classes alternated tweeting so we knew which days/weeks what class was doing what. This made it easier to know what to expect and helped us plan tasks and solutions. The students always looked forward to tweeting or getting that reply to their math task by tweet.

It was through our class collaborations that our students formed a connection with each other. Sharing math tasks became a meaningful way to share strategies for our students. We want the same collaboration opportunities for you and your students.

The spreadsheet for you to sign up is here:  

By signing up in the spreadsheet we hope you are able to make connections, collaborate and see your students grow in the ability to complete math tasks. We have seen our own students grow in their practice of ‘critiquing the reasoning of others’ as we participated in the different challenges throughout the years.

We are now on Seesaw! We have a “student” setup for each grade level to connect and post math tasks as well as solutions. There are folders for each strand of the math standards to help in your search for tasks. There is even a student set up for solutions for GMTTC24! Check out our Seesaw Global Math Task Class by scanning this Seesaw Class Code:

Lastly, just because we are edtech junkies (and believe in student engagement), we are on Flipgrid! We love putting their learning in the hands of students. We would love to hear your students voice how they found the solutions as well.

There are many ways your class can connect to share the learning this year. Remember mystery number skypes, padlets and Twitter polls are all ways to connect as well. We will be posting ways to connect on twitter throughout the year as well. Look for the #gmttc24 numbers to be tweeted each week! We hope you’ll share back solutions with us.

When you post something make sure to tag @globalmathtask and #gmttc so we can see it and share it. Don’t forget to add the grade level to your #gmttc hashtag so that teachers can find your task as they search using the Twitter search bar.

One more thing, if you haven’t already make sure to sign up for our Remind Class (@gmathc) to receive important announcements and reminders. Here’s the link to join:

Be sure to hop over to the blog and check out resources and ideas shared there as well!

Thanks to all of you for making @globalmathtask so special for students around the world! It’s going to be another amazing year. Let Heidi or I (Beverly) know if you need anything!

We are always open to ideas and feedback. If you have any questions or need help in any way, please contact Beverly Ladd (@BevLadd) or Heidi Samuelson (@swampfrogfirst). We’ll be happy to help you as much as we can.