Thursday, June 15, 2017

#gmttc Badges and Headers for Twitter

Snag a Badge or Header for your Class Twitter Account to let others know you're a 
Global Math Task Twitter Challenge Participant.

Click HERE for access to the google drive folder with the different badge options.

Download a header image and edit your Twitter headers 
by uploading the new image in your settings.

After you download the Header Image you on edit profile.
Then upload the new photo to your "change your header photo" section.
Click apply and save changes.

You can also add a badge to your Twitter profile picture.
Just download the badge you want to add to you picture.
Add it to your profile picture in google draw or power point.
Save your new picture as a jpeg.
And edit your profile to add your new picture.

We look forward to learning from our 
#gmttc efriends in 2017!

Sign up to tweet out tasks for January - May 
The new spreadsheet is available HERE.

Thanks for all you do!
Beverly and Heidi


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