Saturday, January 23, 2016

How Are You Connecting? #gmttc

How are you connecting your students to share the learning?

Are you a #gmttc participant? 
Snag the image above to put on your social media page 
or blog!

We'd love to know more 
about how you're connecting 
your students to 
share the learning 
beyond the walls of your classroom! 

Do you use padlets? 
Click on this one and add in your answer to the task in the black at the top of the chalkboard style background. We'd love more interaction on how you might solve this task!

Are you videoing and sharing on youtube?

Do you create images with your Students to send out tasks?

Are you using google slides?
Click on the slide below or HERE 
to add your own slide to share the learning

Please share how you connect! 
We'd love to learn more ways!


Friday, January 1, 2016

Here's to Making New Connections in 2016

Looking forward to connecting with new classes to share in the learning in 2016.

Join in the fun!

You don't have to sign up to play along...just search the Twitter hashtag for your grade level to find math task challenges...
Then solve the tasks and tweet out your answer (be sure to include the hashtag)
Kindergarten = #gmttck
First Grade = #gmttc1
Second Grade = #gmttc2
Third Grade = #gmttc3
Fourth Grade = #gmttc4
Fifth Grade = #gmttc5
Middle School = #gmttcms
High School = #gmttchs

How are you connecting your students to share in the learning?