Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Connect in 2016 - Sign up today!

Sign up to connect your class beyond the building walls and share the learning globally!

Click HERE to choose a week that you can help tweet out some math tasks to share in your learning during the new year!

No spots left? Not sure how to tweet a task? No worries! Just type in your grade level hashtag on the Twitter search bar... (#gmttck = kindergarten) (#gmttc1 = first grade) (#gmttc2 = second grade)...etc.

You can see the top tweets that have been chosen in the category you're searching or you can click on live and see the most recent tweets with the hashtag you've chosen.

 Then you check out the math tasks to challenge your students to solve. Some teachers take a screen shot of the math task to project on their board for students to solve during a short 5 minute transition time. Others use the screenshot of the task to send out in a remind text to their class. The class solves the task at home and returns it the next day to choose the answer they want to tweet back. Still others are using googledocs and adding the task to a googledoc for students to solve and share back on Twitter.

How will you connect?

We'd love to hear how your class uses the Global Math Task Twitter Challenge! 
Contact Beverly Ladd or Heidi Samuelson to share your ideas!

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