Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Few Reminders and a HashTag

Hello All!
I hope you've been able to enjoy some of the Global Math Task Twitter Challenges these last couple of weeks.
Just a few reminders for those that are tweeting and answering tasks...

*Please include the hashtag #gmttc4 in every post that you send out. (Both the tasks and the answer tweets should have the hashtag...please).
This allows classes to search for any tasks that you send out without specifically following you.

*You can participate in any week's challenge (even past weeks) :) You don't have to be signed up for a certain week to "play along"...My students have several tasks posted that they would love to have answered :)

*Don't be afraid to post the "wrong" answer...our answers have sparked many wonderful math discussions and helped us see where a solution path may have gone wrong.

*Don't be afraid to tweet a class a  question about a task to clarify information for your class.  It's always good to make sure you understand what question is being asked.

*IF you want the class that is posting the challenge to respond to you, please make sure that you put their twitter handle in the tweet you send along with the hashtag #gmttc4
For instance, when my class wants to answer a task, we favorite the task tweet and then hit the reply button to share our answers....we still have to add the hashtag #gmttc4 in our tweet so that it can be found on a search engine.

*You can put more information in a picture that is attached to a post rather than just sending out a tweet, but both are welcome! Just remember to add some kind of comment to the picture like: "Can you solve our #gmttc4 task this week?" 

*Do as little or as much as your days allow.  Some days we have more time than others! 

*Try to tweet something to a class each week. The connection is a valuable addition into our curriculum. It also leads into the appropriateness of formal vs. informal communications.

Enjoy your weekend!
If you have questions, please let Bev (@Bev_Ladd) or myself (@swampfrogfirst) know.... we'll be happy to help in any way we can!


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