Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ready To Roll!

The Global Math Task Twitter Challenge officially starts September 21st!!!
We're looking forward to connecting with everyone!

To view a spreadsheet of those that have signed up to share a task, please click HERE

You won't be able to add your name on this link
but you can see all the wonderful people
who have signed up to share.

You'll be able to jump on Twitter this week and 
search for the hashtag for your grade level
to see what's being shared.

You don't have to be signed up to 
participate in the fun!
Just respond to a task that's been shared 
using the hashtag for that grade level..

Let the fun begin!

I had my Fourth graders do a "practice run" this week!
Shout out to @4senechal class for joining in the fun!
Here's what it looked like:
My class tweeted a quick math task question...
Then checked back the next day to see if anyone had responded.
We were beyond excited to see some photos of how 
a group of fourth graders were sharing in the learning.

We favorited their responses and then 
responded back the next day with our thoughts.

How Heidi plans to keep up...
at the beginning of the week,
 we'll take a moment or two (during dismissal prep)
 to check Twitter for the 
hashtage #gmttc4 
to see if anyone has tweeted out a task.
When we find one, we'll take a screenshot
and I'll send it home using my Remind Class text!
(you could have kids write it down quickly or share it in an email)
The kids can start working on the task at home 
and the next day spend some time after Early Bird Work
completion to talk to a partner about how they solved the problem.
I think we'll take pictures of solutions to 
tweet back to the class that is sharing that week.
and see if we're correct :)

How are you planning to utilize this resource 
and get your class connected?
Share in the comments below or on Twitter!
Just tag Bev or Heidi so we can
share in your experiences!


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